Ghouls Gambol
The Phantom Visits the Spirit of Halloweentown!

Well, it's all over now. The rally ended. We partied at Spirit of Halloweentown. A good time was had by all. Prizes were awarded and awards were presented. Everyone got treats! Then we all went home.

About the rally

The Ghouls Gambol Rally was about 115 miles from the start in northwest Portland to the ending location in St. Helens. It took about three and three-quarter hours to complete the event. The route started with a transit to Scappoose, then headed west to Mist. The route turned north to a break in downtown Clatskanie. Heading east and eventually south, the last checkpoint was in Deer Island. A short transit arrived in St. Helens at the Spirit of Halloweentown.

This was a tour-style rally, meaning it included no rally challenges (all treats, no tricks). Official mileage accompanied every route instruction. Route instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. Focus was on staying on time. Teams most able to arrive at checkpoints exactly on time were most successful.

Spirit of Halloweentown

Spirit of Halloweentown was a great host ending location. Not only did they welcome us, giving us prime parking on Halloweentown’s main street, but they included us on their published calendar of activities and provided Halloweentown attraction tickets for rally prizes – all at no cost to the club or our ralliers.

Thank you, Spirit of Halloweentown! Your generosity was appreciated and enjoyed by all Ghouls Gambol Rally participants.

Congratulations... the top finishers. First overall and first in the Unlimited class are Bob Morseburg and Cheri Eddy
with a score of 23 on 17 scored legs. Second overall and first Novice are Lee Nielsen and Marc Nielsen with a score of 39. Third overall and first SOP are Cody and Sabrina Garvin with a score of 48.

First place best decorated car went to Car #15 with Cara Williams and Colin Nagle. Happy Halloween and welcome to Ghouls Gambol.

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